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Aerial Magnetometry is a geophysical technique that aims to detect variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Using equipment sensitive to magnetic fields, it is possible to map magnetic anomalies that can be associated with geological structures, such as mineral deposits, faults and magmatic intrusions.

With the advancement of drone technology, aerial magnetometry has become even more accessible and efficient. The use of drones allows for more accurate and detailed coverage of large and difficult-to-access areas, such as dense forests and mountainous areas.

Avant Geofisica is the pioneering company in the field of magnetometric drone surveying in Brazil and the brand has established itself in the market as a reference in this type of operation, with highly qualified professionals for the acquisition and interpretation of the collected data.


The benefits of Aerial Magnetometry by drones include speed and efficiency in data collection, greater operational security, significant reduction in social impact, ability to reach difficult to access areas, accuracy in identifying magnetic anomalies and cost savings compared to traditional methods.

If you are looking for an accurate and efficient magnetic mapping solution, Aerial Drone Magnetometry is the ideal option. Contact us for more information about our Aerial Drone Magnetometry services and how we can help you with your project.

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