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Updated: Apr 25

analytic signal (AS)

A combination of the three directional gradients (vertical and horizontal).

Always positive values and applied on TMI data. Generates a maximum directly over a discrete body, or alternatively maxima over the edges of wider bodies, regardless of the presence of any remanent magnetisation or the Earth's local magnetic inclination.

It can therefore be a useful tool in reducing the difficulties associated with interpreting the location of bodies with remanent magnetisation and/or in low-latitude environments where the RTP is unstable.

However, contrary to popular belief, the ANSIG is NOT totally independent of the inclination field or remanent magnetisation, with the size, shape and location of the calculated anomalies still affected by both factors. The AS map can be calculated by the folowing formula:

AS - Stacked Profiles

The stacked profiles can be better visualized in Google Earth as individual lines to help interpretation of bed inclination an anomalies profiles/asymmetry, as it's showed in the right image.

Now that you know what the AS map is and how it is used, get in touch and request a quote for your projetct.

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